The library handles the logic for sweeping transactions revealed to the Bridge

Bridge active wallet periodically signs a transaction that unlocks all of the valid, revealed deposits above the dust threshold, combines them into a single UTXO with the existing main wallet UTXO, and relocks those transactions without a 30-day refund clause to the same wallet. This has two main effects: it consolidates the UTXO set and it disables the refund. Balances of depositors in the Bank are increased when the SPV sweep proof is submitted to the Bridge.


struct DepositSweepTxInputsProcessingInfo {
  bytes sweepTxInputVector;
  struct BitcoinTx.UTXO mainUtxo;
  address vault;


struct DepositSweepTxInputsInfo {
  uint256 inputsTotalValue;
  address[] depositors;
  uint256[] depositedAmounts;
  uint256[] treasuryFees;


event DepositsSwept(bytes20 walletPubKeyHash, bytes32 sweepTxHash)


function submitDepositSweepProof(struct BridgeState.Storage self, struct BitcoinTx.Info sweepTx, struct BitcoinTx.Proof sweepProof, struct BitcoinTx.UTXO mainUtxo, address vault) external

Used by the wallet to prove the BTC deposit sweep transaction and to update Bank balances accordingly. Sweep is only accepted if it satisfies SPV proof.

The function is performing Bank balance updates by first computing the Bitcoin fee for the sweep transaction. The fee is divided evenly between all swept deposits. Each depositor receives a balance in the bank equal to the amount inferred during the reveal transaction, minus their fee share.

It is possible to prove the given sweep only one time.


  • sweepTx components must match the expected structure. See BitcoinTx.Info docs for reference. Their values must exactly correspond to appropriate Bitcoin transaction fields to produce a provable transaction hash,

  • The sweepTx should represent a Bitcoin transaction with 1..n inputs. If the wallet has no main UTXO, all n inputs should correspond to P2(W)SH revealed deposits UTXOs. If the wallet has an existing main UTXO, one of the n inputs must point to that main UTXO and remaining n-1 inputs should correspond to P2(W)SH revealed deposits UTXOs. That transaction must have only one P2(W)PKH output locking funds on the 20-byte wallet public key hash,

  • All revealed deposits that are swept by sweepTx must have their vault parameters set to the same address as the address passed in the vault function parameter,

  • sweepProof components must match the expected structure. See BitcoinTx.Proof docs for reference. The bitcoinHeaders field must contain a valid number of block headers, not less than the txProofDifficultyFactor contract constant,

  • mainUtxo components must point to the recent main UTXO of the given wallet, as currently known on the Ethereum chain. If there is no main UTXO, this parameter is ignored.



function resolveDepositSweepingWallet(struct BridgeState.Storage self, bytes20 walletPubKeyHash, struct BitcoinTx.UTXO mainUtxo) internal view returns (struct Wallets.Wallet wallet, struct BitcoinTx.UTXO resolvedMainUtxo)

Resolves sweeping wallet based on the provided wallet public key hash. Validates the wallet state and current main UTXO, as currently known on the Ethereum chain.


  • Sweeping wallet must be either in Live or MovingFunds state,

  • If the main UTXO of the sweeping wallet exists in the storage, the passed mainUTXO parameter must be equal to the stored one.


Return Values


function processDepositSweepTxOutput(struct BridgeState.Storage self, bytes sweepTxOutputVector) internal view returns (bytes20 walletPubKeyHash, uint64 value)

Processes the Bitcoin sweep transaction output vector by extracting the single output and using it to gain additional information required for further processing (e.g. value and wallet public key hash).


Return Values


function processDepositSweepTxInputs(struct BridgeState.Storage self, struct DepositSweep.DepositSweepTxInputsProcessingInfo processInfo) internal returns (struct DepositSweep.DepositSweepTxInputsInfo resultInfo)

Processes the Bitcoin sweep transaction input vector. It extracts each input and tries to obtain associated deposit or main UTXO data, depending on the input type. Reverts if one of the inputs cannot be recognized as a pointer to a revealed deposit or expected main UTXO. This function also marks each processed deposit as swept.

Return Values


function parseDepositSweepTxInputAt(bytes inputVector, uint256 inputStartingIndex) internal pure returns (bytes32 outpointTxHash, uint32 outpointIndex, uint256 inputLength)

Parses a Bitcoin transaction input starting at the given index.

This function assumes vector's structure is valid so it must be validated using e.g. BTCUtils.validateVin function before it is passed here.


Return Values


function depositSweepTxFeeDistribution(uint256 sweepTxInputsTotalValue, uint256 sweepTxOutputValue, uint256 depositsCount) internal pure returns (uint256 depositTxFee, uint256 depositTxFeeRemainder)

Determines the distribution of the sweep transaction fee over swept deposits.

It is up to the caller to decide how the remainder should be counted in. This function only computes its value.


Return Values

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