Operator Account

Prepare your machine to install the tBTC v2 staking client

The client requires an Ethereum Key File of an Operator Account to connect to the Ethereum chain. This account is created in a subsequent step using Geth (GoEthereum).

The Ethereum Key File is expected to be encrypted with a password. The password has to be provided in a prompt after the client starts or configured as a KEEP_ETHEREUM_PASSWORD environment variable.

The Operator Account has to maintain a positive Ether balance at all times. We strongly advise you monitor the account and top-up when its balance gets below 0.5 Ether.

Please do NOT reuse an operator account that is being used for TACo or other applications.

Install Geth (GoEthereum)

To create a new Ethereum account, install Geth (GoEthereum) and create a new account using the command below. This account will subsequently be referred to as the Operator Account.

geth account new --keystore /home/$USER/.operator-key

When prompted, provide a password to protect the operator key file.

Use a password manager to generate a strong password and store it safely. It will be needed again during setup.

Avoid passwords that contain the following characters: ', ", `, $ These characters may be interpreted as part of the configuration which can lead to undesirable outcomes that may be extremely time intensive to correct.

Once the process completes, your public key will be displayed. Take note of your Operator Account public key.


Funding your Operator Account

Your Operator Account will need to maintain a positive ETH balance at all times to ensure proper operation and availability of your tBTC v2 node.

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