CLI Options

Review available CLI Options below.

$ keep-client start --help
Starts the Keep Client in the foreground

  keep-client start [flags]

      --ethereum.url string                                 WS connection URL for Ethereum client.
      --ethereum.keyFile string                             The local filesystem path to Keep operator account keyfile.
      --ethereum.miningCheckInterval duration               The time interval in seconds in which transaction mining status is checked. If the transaction is not mined within this time, the gas price is increased and transaction is resubmitted. (default 1m0s)
      --ethereum.maxGasFeeCap wei                           The maximum gas fee the client is willing to pay for the transaction to be mined. If reached, no resubmission attempts are performed. (default 500 gwei)
      --ethereum.requestPerSecondLimit int                  Request per second limit for all types of Ethereum client requests. (default 150)
      --ethereum.concurrencyLimit int                       The maximum number of concurrent requests which can be executed against Ethereum client. (default 30)
      --ethereum.balanceAlertThreshold wei                  The minimum balance of operator account below which client starts reporting errors in logs. (default 500000000 gwei)
      --bitcoin.electrum.url scheme://hostname:port         URL to the Electrum server in format: scheme://hostname:port.
      --bitcoin.electrum.connectTimeout duration            Timeout for a single attempt of Electrum connection establishment. (default 10s)
      --bitcoin.electrum.connectRetryTimeout duration       Timeout for Electrum connection establishment retries. (default 1m0s)
      --bitcoin.electrum.requestTimeout duration            Timeout for a single attempt of Electrum protocol request. (default 30s)
      --bitcoin.electrum.requestRetryTimeout duration       Timeout for Electrum protocol request retries. (default 2m0s)
      --bitcoin.electrum.keepAliveInterval duration         Interval for connection keep alive requests. (default 5m0s)
      --network.bootstrap                                   Run the client in bootstrap mode.
      --network.peers strings                               Addresses of the network bootstrap nodes.
  -p, --network.port int                                    Keep client listening port. (default 3919)
      --network.announcedAddresses strings                  Overwrites the default Keep client address announced in the network. Should be used for NAT or when more advanced firewall rules are applied.
      --network.disseminationTime int                       Specifies courtesy message dissemination time in seconds for topics the node is not subscribed to. Should be used only on selected bootstrap nodes. (0 = none)
      --storage.dir string                                  Location to store the Keep client key shares and other sensitive data.
      --clientInfo.port int                                 Client Info HTTP server listening port. (default 9601)
      --clientInfo.networkMetricsTick duration              Client Info network metrics check tick in seconds. (default 1m0s)
      --clientInfo.ethereumMetricsTick duration             Client info Ethereum metrics check tick in seconds. (default 10m0s)
      --tbtc.preParamsPoolSize int                          tECDSA pre-parameters pool size. (default 1000)
      --tbtc.preParamsGenerationTimeout duration            tECDSA pre-parameters generation timeout. (default 2m0s)
      --tbtc.preParamsGenerationDelay duration              tECDSA pre-parameters generation delay. (default 10s)
      --tbtc.preParamsGenerationConcurrency int             tECDSA pre-parameters generation concurrency. (default 1)
      --tbtc.keyGenerationConcurrency int                   tECDSA key generation concurrency. (default number of cores)
      --developer.bridgeAddress string                      Address of the Bridge smart contract
      --developer.lightRelayAddress string                  Address of the LightRelay smart contract
      --developer.lightRelayMaintainerProxyAddress string   Address of the LightRelayMaintainerProxy smart contract
      --developer.randomBeaconAddress string                Address of the RandomBeacon smart contract
      --developer.tokenStakingAddress string                Address of the TokenStaking smart contract
      --developer.walletRegistryAddress string              Address of the WalletRegistry smart contract
      --developer.walletCoordinatorAddress string           Address of the WalletCoordinator smart contract

Global Flags:
  -c, --config string   Path to the configuration file. Supported formats: TOML, YAML, JSON.
      --developer       Developer network
      --testnet         Testnet network

Environment variables:
    KEEP_ETHEREUM_PASSWORD    Password for Keep operator account keyfile decryption.
    LOG_LEVEL                 Space-delimited set of log level directives; set to "help" for help.

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