Data Storage

Setup persistent data directories for the client.

The client requires two persistent directories. These directories will store configuration files and data generated and used by the client. It is highly recommended to create frequent backups of these directories. Loss of these data may be catastrophic and may lead to slashing.

It is crucial to ensure the data directory is persisted and backed up on a regular basis.

Create folders for tBTC v2 client

cd /home/$USER/
mkdir keep
cd keep
mkdir storage config

The tBTC v2 client will create two subdirectories within the storage directory: keystore and work. You do not need to create these.

The keystore subdirectory contains sensitive key material data generated by the client. Loosing the keystore data is a serious protocol offense and leads to slashing and potentially losing funds.

It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure the keystore data are not lost under any circumstances.

The work directory contains data generated by the client that should persist the client restarts or relocations. If the work data are lost the client will be able to recreate them, but it is inconvenient due to the time needed for the operation to complete and may lead to losing rewards.

Copy Operator keystore file

Assuming Geth was installed for the root user with the command provided in the Operator Account creation step, the operator-key file should be located in the /.operator-key directory.

cd /home/$USER/.operator-key

Contained within the operator-key directory is the account key file (operator key file), its name will be similar to the following: UTC--2018-11-01T06-23-57.810787758Z--fa3da235947aab49d439f3bcb46effd1a7237e32

copy (not move!) this account key file to the config directory created above

ls -la
cp name_of_account_key_file /home/$USER/keep/config/name_of_account_key_file

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