Görli Testnet

The Görli testnet will become deprecated at the end of 2023. Threshold now uses Sepolia as a primary testnet. You can learn about the contracts addresses on that testnet here.

Threshold Contracts

Delivered in @threshold-network/solidity-contracts@1.3.0-goerli.0 NPM package.

Legacy NU Contracts

Legacy Keep Contracts

Delivered in @keep-network/keep-core@1.8.1-goerli.0 NPM package.

PRE Application Contracts


Simple PRE Application (Tapir testnet)

TBTC Application Contracts

Delivered in @keep-network/random-beacon@2.1.0-goerli.6, @keep-network/ecdsa@2.1.0-goerli.4 and @keep-network/tbtc-v2@1.5.0-goerli.0 NPM packages.

L2 tBTC Application Contracts

Arbitrum Goerli (chain ID: 421613)

Optimism Goerli (chain ID: 420)

Polygon PoS Mumbai (chain ID: 80001)

Base Goerli (chain ID: 84531)

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