Additionally to the DAO governance bodies, there are three community-led guilds with different focus areas: the Marketing Guild, the Integrations Guild, and the Treasury Guild. Each guild is managed by an elected committee and holds regular, rotating elections.

Join a guild (via Discord's #dao-contribute channel) and work together with other Threshold DAO members based on your interests and expertise!

Treasury Guild

The Threshold Treasury Guild is responsible for effectively managing the Threshold DAO treasury. This includes growing Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL), researching / implementing best practice treasury management strategies, executing ecosystem liquidity incentives, diversifying the treasury, etc.

Integrations Guild

The core mission of the Threshold Integrations Guild is to build successful, synergistic and long-lasting relationships with other protocols, DAOs and external organizations.

Marketing Guild

The Threshold Marketing Guild is responsible for general Threshold marketing, growing our network of contributors, onboarding new members to the Threshold DAO, educating people about the Threshold’s value, services and use cases, and more.

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