Network Configuration

Required network configuration for the tBTC v2 staking client.

Required Ports

The node has to be accessible publicly to establish and maintain connections with bootstrap nodes and discovered peers. The node exposes metrics and diagnostics services for network health monitoring purposes. Update firewall rules as necessary, including application level firewalls for the following ports

PurposeConfig PropertyProtocolDefault









The network port must be exposed publicly for peers to connect to your node.

The status port must be exposed publicly for rewards allocation.

Announced Addresses

An Announced Address is a layered addressing information (multiaddress/multiaddr) announced to the Threshold Network that is used by peers to connect with your node, e.g.: /dns4/ or /ip4/

If the machine you’re running your node is not exposing a public IP (e.g. it is behind NAT) you should set the network.AnnouncedAddresses (flag: --network.announcedAddresses) configuration property to addresses (ip4 or dns4) under which your node is reachable for the public.

To read more about multiaddress see the libp2p documentation.

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