Threshold Access Control

Use Threshold Access Control for end-to-end encrypted, end-to-end decentralized data sharing and communication.
-> See Threshold Access Control in the Fundamentals section for an overview of the over-arching concepts and value propositions.
There are multiple products and versions under the umbrella of 'Threshold Access Control':
  • Conditions-Based Decryption, Proof-of-Concept Use this version to familiarize yourself with the SDK, API and developer-facing configuration/parametrization. Get started here.
  • Conditions-Based Decryption, Mainnet version This version is under intense development and will be released in early Q2 2022. Learn about the vision for the product here and underlying trust model here.
  • Proxy Re-encryption, Mainnet version This product and version is currently live on the Threshold Mainnet and has been battle-tested for over 2 years. Learn the fundamentals of the PRE offering here and get started building with PRE here.