Testnet TACo: Integration

Testnet domains

To run taco on testnet, we need to configure it to use one of the two available domains:

import { domains } from '@nucypher/taco';

domains.DEV     // "lynx" network
domains.TESTNET // "tapir" network
  • DEV domain, or lynx, is a bleeding-edge developer network that supports upcoming taco release

  • TESTNET domain, or tapir, is a stable testnet environment that supports the current taco release

We encourage you to use the TESTNET domain for developing taco based apps, and to use DEV to test compatibility with upcoming taco release and new, experimental features.

Both DEV and TESTNET domains are unsuitable for use in a production setting. Testnet domains have no trust minimization or stability guarantees, which makes them unfit and unsuitable for production or real-world data payloads. Learn more about the testnet trust assumptions.

Testnet Configuration

Each domain corresponds to a test network with contracts deployed on an L1

DomainDomain NameL1 (chain id)L2 (chain id)*Open IDExpirationThreshold configuration



Sepolia (11155111)

Amoy (80002)


Sep 28, 2024




Sepolia (11155111)

Amoy (80002)


Oct 6, 2024


* Open id refers to rituals that have permisionless encryptor allowlists. See encryptor allowlist section to learn more.


The source code for contracts used on testnet can be found in nucypher/nucypher-contracts repository.

Contract addresses for testnets can be found in their respective contract registries:

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