Trust levers & parameter packages

In future versions, adopting developers will be able to freely pull a range of 'trust levers' in order to satisfy and assuage the trust, risk, cost, redundancy, and latency preferences of their end-users. This includes tweaking, on the fly, some of the network parameters introduced in the Trust Model Foundation section, such as the Cohort threshold, the frequency of node replacement, and the minimum stake required to serve in a given Cohort. However, correctly selecting individual parameters across each and every trust/risk dimension requires a deep understanding of the underlying mechanisms and cryptology. Moreover, these parameters must be combined into a coherent bundle that, as a whole, aligns with the risk aversion and trust-minimization desiderata of end-users. To avoid burdening developers with this onerous analysis, particularly for those new to the service, the Threshold team has constructed a set of pre-configured 'parameter packages'. In the genesis version of TACo (v.7.0), there are only two packages to choose from, and only one difference between them: Package I m : 16, n : 30 (16-of-30)

Package II m : 8 n : 15 (8-of-15)

Both parameter packages will be subject to identical Sampling-related and Population-related trust assumptions, but come with slightly different Cohort-related trust assumptions.

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