Encryptor allowlist

Explains how to enable encryption for your rituals


Encryptor allowlist is a simple access control mechanism that only allows specific encryptors to access your ritual. In practice, it means that you can limit who can use taco to encrypt the data with your ritual's public key.

So in order to encrypt with taco, we need to allow-list our wallet address (the encrypter). The entity that performs this action is called authority. Each ritual has it's authority, which corresponds to the address of the wallet that initiated the ritual.

Allowlist in the early release

During the beta program of taco, the process of initiating the ritual and managing the allowlist is simplified into the following steps:

  1. User shares their authority address with the testnet operator

  2. The testnet operator initiates the ritual for the user, marking them as the authority for that ritual

  3. Now, the user can manage their encrypter allowlist using their authority. So the user adds a new encrypter to the allowlist

  4. The user can now use the encrypter in taco to encrypt their data

Allowlist on the testnet

In the early release, it is possible to use one of the premade rituals on the testnet without any extra steps outlined in the setup above. You can simply configure taco to use one of those rituals and use any encryptor (wallet address) to perform the encryption

You can find the current ritual configurations in the testnet integration section.

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