Proxy Re-Encryption (PRE)

Threshold application – underlying technology

PRE is an end-to-end encryption protocol that is a more scalable, more flexible form of public-key encryption and enables a group of proxy entities to transform encrypted data from one public key to another, without the power to decrypt the data or gain access to any private keys. PRE equips developers, applications and end-users with secrets management and dynamic access control capabilities. The nodes on the Threshold Network act as these proxy entities and use threshold cryptography to securely and cooperatively re-encrypt data for recipients based on access conditions defined by the data owner.

PRE is directly applicable to use cases that aim to maintain data ownership while facilitating data sharing capabilities such as paid subscriptions to encrypted content, or the transfer of data ownership for encrypted NFTs. Data, wherever stored, remains private and encrypted while data owners maintain the ability to share that data and cryptographically enforce access controls. Want to get started staking with Threshold and running a node for PRE? Follow this guide:

pageTACo Node Setup

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