Security Policies for Threshold Network
If you identify vulnerabilities with any Threshold Network code, please email [email protected] with relevant information to your findings. We will work with researchers to coordinate vulnerability disclosure between our stakers, partners, and users to ensure the successful mitigation of vulnerabilities.
Throughout the reporting process, we expect researchers to honor an embargo period that may vary depending on the severity of the disclosure. This ensures that we have the opportunity to fix any issues, identify further issues (if any), and inform our users.
Sometimes vulnerabilities are more sensitive in nature and require extra precautions. We are happy to work together to use a more secure medium, such as Signal. Email [email protected] and we will coordinate a communication channel that we're both comfortable with.
A great place to begin your research is by working on our testnet. Please see our documentation to get started. We ask that you please respect network machines and their owners. If you find a vulnerability that you suspect has given you access to a machine against the owner's permission, stop what you're doing and immediately email [email protected].