TACo Authorization & Operator Registration

The following demonstrates how to authorize the TACo application and register your operator address via the Threshold Dashboard. These are required for running a TACo node. The TACo application only needs to be authorized once.

Authorizing an application assumes that you already have a T stake.

Please note: by authorizing the TACo application, a minimum unbonding period of 6 months will go into effect on the T you stake. This cool-down period will begin the moment you submit an unstake request.

TACo Application Authorization

To get started, visit the Threshold Dashboard and connect your wallet.

Click on Configure Apps

Select TACO APP and enter your desired amount of T to stake. Note that the minimum is 40,000 T.

Click Authorize TACo

Click Authorize and confirm the transaction.

Exit out of the modal dialogue

Operator Account Registration

The operator account is the Ethereum account used/to be used by the TACo node. In order for the network to associate your T stake with your node, you must register your Operator Address. Once the TACo application has been authorized, you can begin the operator registration process.

Navigate to the Staking Page on the Threshold Dashboard, and click on Start Mapping

and an Operator Address Mapping pop-up should be displayed.

Scroll down to the TACO section.

Enter your operator address, click Map Address, and confirm the transaction.

Once the map operator address transaction executes on Ethereum Mainnet, it can take ~25 minutes to sync to Polygon Mainnet, which TACo nodes check on startup. The TACo node will wait for this sync to occur before starting up.

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